Why choose e cigarette?

Several years ago,there is a cigarette substitute come out and being popular all over the world.It use the storage battery and atomizer working together to make the vapor.It is a revolution for the smokers and bring a new smoking way for millions of smokers.

The electronic cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer which simulates tobacco smoking by producing a vapor that resembles smoke. An e cigarette contains: battery, atomizer and e liquid.

Comparing to the traditional smoking,the e cigarette is safer and healthier..For the e cig is just producing vapor by heating the e liqud,no burning no smog,so the ingredient is quite simple.That is just essence,Propylene Glycol(PG),Vegetable Glycerine(VG ),nicotine.The harmful substance such as Acetone,acrolein,Ammonia,benzene can not be found in the e cigs.

If you are a addicted smoker cannot be self-control well in the public space,the e-cigarette will solve this problem easily.The e cigs is allowed to vapor in anywhere.The resterant,office,lift,Anywhere if you want to vapor,you can do it freely.There is no ban to stop you vaporing now.

The e liquid provide more choice for the vapor.Vaporing is changing the persons smoking way and offer the abundant vaporing experience. Different from the single tobacco taste,the e liquid flavor seems more amazing.It not only contains the classical tobacco flavor,but also the herb,food,fruit and also lot of mixture diy flavor will bring you a surprise.

You should have found that you had been paying tons and tons on tobacco smoking every year.Now the e-cigs will change this situation.You just need to buy one battery,atomizer charger,and e liquid.The handware is durable for used,what you should do is updating the e liquid.That is just a small cost everyday,because one 10ml e liquid=10pack tobacco.

If you are still a traditional tobacco smoker,Now,it is time to try a new way for smoking.Not only for yourself,but also for the families and friends around you.For them to inhale less passive smoking.