Why is everyone raving about the electronic cigarette? Why have they become so popular?

Because the electronic cigarette look and feel 90% like a regular cigarette, they deliver you your nicotine, but unlike a cigarette there is no tar, no carbon monoxide, and no thousands of horrid chemicals.There is NO danger of second hand smoke and it is reusable (rechargeable by an electric outlet or car charger) so there is no problem with disposing of cigarette buds or ashes.

So why should you buy an electronic cigarette? We would suggest that it will allow you to take back control of your life, of your freedom. To be able to have your nicotine, where ever you are, whenever you want, in a clean, refreshing way whist you enjoy the comfort of the same hand to mouth action, same warm throat hit, plenty of vapour and the bonus of lots of fantastic e liquid flavours to try – so take action – make the switch – we have the e-cig to suit your life. Electronic Cigarette devices are THE alternative smokers have been waiting for.

The benefits don’t just end there Auspicious e-cigs are cheaper than regular cigarettes and they are legal to smoke indoors, as there is no lit tobacco, nothing is burning, so no laws are being broken.

Still feeling a bit unsure? Have a look at our Electronic Cigarette FAQ page, and browse through the different Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits. We have staff on the other end of onlie help that can help with all your questions.

Save of up to 90% in smoking costs by moving over to the Electronic Cigarette, saving you Thousands of USD every year!